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Cinema student Jon Ayon takes home first prize for his film SOMBRAS, which he produced in Johnny’s documentary thesis class at SFSU. The film was selected out of over 1000 entries to play during the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, where it won over a juried panel for its exemplary craft …

Valium Online Europe

Johnny’s two films about gay parenting got two thumbs up in the most recent issue of Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online. In an article titled ‘Documenting gay dads: Seven documentaries about gay fatherhood in North America,’ reproductive sociologist Linda Layne calls Beyond Conception “excellent” and Daddy & Papa “beautifully crafted …

Buy Diazepam England

Johnny’s latest film, Out Run, will have its premiere in the Philippines at the QCinema Film Festival in Quezon City. Join Johnny and directing/producing partner Leo Chiang on October 19-26 as they present Out Run alongside the LGBTQ activists featured in the documentary. Please note screening schedule: 10/23 (Mon) 8:30pm …