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Short Films

This groundbreaking film explores the power of youth and beauty in the gay community. A diverse group of gay men, ages 19 to 77, negotiate their fears of becoming old, undesirable, and alone. The film critically examines the pressure to look young and attractive, the lack of positive older role models, and the ways in which AIDS intensifies the fear and process of aging. BEAUTY BEFORE AGE offers a male perspective on a historically female issue, and illuminates the larger societal obsession with physical appearance.

Black openly gay men in Zimbabwe and South Africa speak of their personal, social, and political struggles; of their work as political activists, hairdressers, and prostitutes; of racial dynamics; and of their future as individuals and as members of a global gay community. OUT IN AFRICA was the first widely publicized film ever produced on gay people and gay culture in Africa. The video offers a unique perspective on a controversial subject and provides new stimulus for the ongoing discussion of race and sexuality in gay and black communities.

Since it opened its doors on Castro Street in 1947, Louie’s Barber Shop has seen the neighborhood change from a sleepy blue collar Irish community to the world’s most famous gay mecca. Louie is still there, cutting the thinning hair of his old-time customers; but so too are the neighborhood’s new inhabitants, a diverse mix of older and younger gay men and lesbians. The film illustrates the ways in which gays and lesbians appropriate a traditional mainstream symbol the barber shop and make it part of their own expanding cultural community.


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